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We offer three substrates that have different uses

Metal prints

Metal prints are photography or artwork printed onto aluminum. They offer a more modern decor style as opposed to canvas or paper as they offer a deeper contrast and high-definition look. We solely offer ChromaLuxe, which uses a dye-sublimation printing process instead of printing directly onto metal. This process provides deep, inky blacks, and stunning highlights. The optimal uses of metal prints are:

  • Deep contrast photography

  • Family photography

  • Sleek and modern settings

  • Outdoor settings

  • Offered in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Matte

Canvas prints

Canvas prints are a highly versatile substrate that offers a more traditional, subtle, and timeless feel. The texture and sheen of canvas prints provide a more homey and natural look. The best uses of canvas are:

  • Traditional artwork

  • Low contrast photography

  • Bright family photos

Paper prints

Paper prints, offered in Fine Art Paper and Luster Paper, are our most versatile print medium. Paper prints provide a subtle look that acts as a blank slate for the artwork to shine, uninterrupted. The best uses for paper prints are:

  • Modern artwork

  • Traditional artwork

  • Photography

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